New Hope Crisis Center

The New Hope Crisis Center is a faith based, ecumenical program of Catholic Charities of Orange County. We were originally a telephone hotline founded by Dr. Robert H. Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral, on September 15, 1968, following the heartbreaking suicide of a congregation member in what was then called the Garden Grove Community church. Since that time the hotline calls have been continuously answered by well trained volunteers who act as peer counselors to all callers with any kind of issues.

Our Story

In 1997 New Hope Online was founded by Dr. Bill Gaultiere, director of the program at that time. It was the first online crisis counseling service in the world offering live, free peer counseling in a private chat room. New Hope Online continues to have counselors serving all around the world.

In June of 2013 the Crystal Cathedral was acquired by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange and renamed Christ Cathedral. As part of this historic acquisition, the Diocese of Orange committed itself to continuing this important ministry of care and service to those facing acute hardships and incorporated the New Hope Crisis Center as a ministry of Catholic Charities of Orange County.

The Future

Now that New Hope is a part of Catholic Charities of Orange County, our ministry has opened an exciting new chapter – enabling our program to work closely in support of those suffering through parish churches and increasing our ability to reach many more hurting people than ever before. Dr. Louise Dunn was hired by Catholic Charities to continue in the position of director of the crisis center.